Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Place to Solve Math Problem

For me, mathematics is very difficult to learning. There is a lot of formula we must remember. From primary school until senior high school, math is my enemy. I already try few method how to learning math more efficient, but still i can't understand what my teacher said. I already read book "Learning Math easy", yeah i read the book every day, but after one month, i know this book doesn't work for me.

And do you know my score for math last week? Yes, you are correct. My score is 40, that is very bad, to bad instead. Today i search using "how to gen great score in math", do you know what i get? there is a lot of site provide online tutoring. I read more than three site today. I wan to know, how they will help me to solve my math problems. All of the site i read today give me special offer "Online math tutoring". One site that make me interesting is site that offer online tutor, that will help us to find math answers, step by step.

I have a lot of math problems, I will join this site soon, yeah Hope after join this site, i will get minimum 70 for my math score, and for precalculus i have target 70 to. Hope they offer the best tutor for Precalculus help, because this is my first great target to get 70. For statistics help, i will contact my online tutor tomorrow.

I know i will sucsess with this online tutor, i will try my best. They also offer chemistry help, if i have problem with my chemistry score, i now where to get best tutor.

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