Thursday, October 29, 2009

Solve Your Calculus Problem

Hi guys, how are you today? Hope all is in great healthy. I know my visitor blog is almost student in here, I’ am correct? You know, there is a lot of subject in our class, and not all of them we understand. Maybe you are best in history lesson, and bad for another subject like mathematics.

If you ask me, do you like mathematics, I will without doubt answer “yes”. But one, I must tell you the truth. Calculus is my enemy while I’m in college. Almost my score is under B, never A. I don’t know what wrong with my brain, why that’s to difficult to understand about calculus.

I never give up for learning this lesson, I ask my friend to be Calculus tutor, but still my score is bad and I know all is my fault. I try another method to learning calculus and Precalculus. And do you know what I’m doing? Yeah I try online tutorial in And after few weeks learning online, the result is great. My score now is B+, not bad for someone like me.

if you have same problem like me, you know where to find tutor to Calculus help and Precalculus help.

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