Friday, September 4, 2009

Get Great Score for Biology Exam

Biology, do you know this subject? Yeah contain with a lot of word that’s we must remember. And I must say if I hate to study about biology. Maybe I must say I hate all subject. But sure, I get bad score in biology. I already study hard everyday, I read a lot of book about my lesson. About reproduction, adaptation, and more.

Maybe something wrong with my brain, make me difficult to remember while I learning biology. And the bad news is I have Biology Exam next week!! Can you imagine how scare me now?? Very scare. The material for exam is about reproduction, and the lecture will give us test in Biology Lab.

What I must to do? Do you have solution? Do you will advice me to start reading a book? Go to library and borrow a lot of book about reproduction? This is like a bad dream become true. Yup I remember something, yesterday my friend tells me about Do you know what this is? If not, you can find by your self, I already give you the site address. My friend gets great score for mathematic after he join this social learning network! I Hope I will get great score for my biology exam.

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