Monday, August 3, 2009

Calculus is Easy

Mathematic is very scary me, yes, the formula and calculus make me wan to leave Scholl as soon as possible. Not all people like mathematic, include me, I hate mathematic more that you can imagine. I try hard to understand the formula by my self. I try my best, but still I can make my self understand. I borrow more than 3 in library about learning Precalculus, and do you know what the result? Yup zero.

I waste my time just to find the great book to Precalculus help, yeah the material that I almost not understand. Like ordinary I confuse and frustration about this material. My friend talking me about private lesson. Ok that great idea, I try to find the Calculus tutor for my self. The prize, yeah the prize is very expensive especially for me for get face to face teacher to teach me.

I try hard to find the solution to this problem, and how lucky me, I find! This site offers me the best solution to my problem. Now, after two week with extensive online learning with great tutor, I can beat mathematic. My score is B, not bad for two week lesson. I know, I can change B become A if I study more hard. Do you have problem with mathematic? You know where you can find the solution.

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