Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do you already Try Nintendo Wii?

Do you like to play game? If you ask me absolutely I will say yes. Game make me happy, make me can relax for a bit. I almost use 3 hours a day to play a game. What kind of game? I like war game, very exciting for me. I play all my game in my pc, and now I’m looking for another device. Great device for playing game.

Nintendo Wii, do you know what this is? Yeah you are correct brother. This is great device for playing game. After I read the description in shopwikki, I decide to buy one Nintendo. I interesting to with Xbox 360, I heard from my buddy if Xbox is great. But after reading the description of product I think Nintendo is still best for me. After decide to buy great device, I must know Video Game Buying Guide, not funny if I just buy the device without the game. Now I must waiting until my order device is arriving to my house. Until the Nintendo arrive, I will play my older game until I finish them all.

If you already boring with your older game, I suggest you to take a look in shopwiki. And you will find best video games.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Repair Your Bad Credit

Bad credit! I don’t need to ask you again what this word mean are. All people will try to avoid Bad credil, include you and me. Argh… and bad news for me because now that’s was my problem. Bad dream, this is really bad dream for me. I have a lot of think to do with my credit, now I must think hard to solve this problem. Do you know what I try to solve this problem? I ask my entire friend about this problem. “Do you know how to credit repair?” that was my question to my entire buddy. Yeah they give me a lot of clue how to solve this problem. Too much instead.

The best answer from my friend is, “just sit down, your problem will solve soon, visit and spend little time in that site”. Yeah like you all know, my jobs is in front of computer and always connect with internet. And that’s why I like my friend suggestion to visit the site. And do you know what I find in the site? Yeah you correct brother! I find the solution to repair bad credit . Thank for my friend! And another think that make me interesting in this site is, they can help me to improve credit!! That was amazing. Now I can buy sweat car for my wife. Do you have same problem? I think you know what you should do.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Download Mp3 Gratis

Bagi sobat semua pasti suka kan download lagu gratis? Hanya dalam waktu setengah jam satu album bisa rampung(kata-kata saykoji tuh).Saya juga suka, download lagu, gambar, film, 3gp, dan banyak lagi yang bisa di download.

Satu lagi tempat baru untuk Download Mp3 Gratis, Memang blog ini baru aja lahir, dan ini bukan review, walaupun banyak link yang menuju tempat Download Lagu Indonesia gratis. Lagu yang ngetren saat ini adalah geisha. Cewek ane saban hari gak pernah absen nyanyiin lagi ini, memang lagunya mantap banget.

Artikel Gak penting

Kangen banget sama rumah yang satu ini, Blog is my home (hehe). Memang belakangan gak pernah update, kenapa? ya karena memang gak pengen aja, lagian pengunjung blog ini cuma orang yang kesasar dari google dan search engine lainnya. Gak da sobat blogger yang datang, jadi untuk 1 bulan penuh fokus sama blog yang bermesin wordpress. Pengen tau aja gimana sih hebatnya si wordpress.

Dan sampai hari ini memang sudah banyak page yang keindex sama google, tapi pengunjungnya masih sepi buanget. Dan emang santer ada gosip kalau google akan merubah algoritma pengindexan website baru. "Keep bloging", hanya kata itu yang sering saya baca di tempat2 master.

Untuk para sobat yang lagi puasa " Saya ucapkan Selamat berpuasa"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Calculus is Easy

Mathematic is very scary me, yes, the formula and calculus make me wan to leave Scholl as soon as possible. Not all people like mathematic, include me, I hate mathematic more that you can imagine. I try hard to understand the formula by my self. I try my best, but still I can make my self understand. I borrow more than 3 in library about learning Precalculus, and do you know what the result? Yup zero.

I waste my time just to find the great book to Precalculus help, yeah the material that I almost not understand. Like ordinary I confuse and frustration about this material. My friend talking me about private lesson. Ok that great idea, I try to find the Calculus tutor for my self. The prize, yeah the prize is very expensive especially for me for get face to face teacher to teach me.

I try hard to find the solution to this problem, and how lucky me, I find! This site offers me the best solution to my problem. Now, after two week with extensive online learning with great tutor, I can beat mathematic. My score is B, not bad for two week lesson. I know, I can change B become A if I study more hard. Do you have problem with mathematic? You know where you can find the solution.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feel comfortable While You outside House

While we go to outside, in our mind, always have some feel. The feel is about our family, home, and the money in the house. Maybe not all people will have feel like this, but in the fact I feel very worry while I must leaf my wife alone in home. This problem always makes my mind not focus while I must work out from home.

Last month, while I go to Jakarta for business, I must pay $30 a day just to pay people become my Home Security. That’s was much money for money to make my mind comfortable while I’m outside. I think hard to solve this problem, How to make me feel comfortable to leave my wife alone.

My buddy told me the best Home Security Systems to solve my problem. Absolutely I’m listening to his advice. She told me to use ADT Security System, he already use this system to his home, and very satisfied with the system. I’m searching more info about ADT in I read very carefully to make sure my self this is the best. And after read all service, without doubt I choose ADT security. Now while I go outside, I feel very comfortable, I can focus to work outside.

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