Saturday, July 25, 2009

Make Your House More Simple with Lockers

All people know Locker is very useful. all building nee locker, like school, office, and home. Why home need locker? You know the answer. We need locker to put our clothes, shoes and another think. But to choose the correct locker for your home that need little knowledge. You must choose the correct color for the locker. If your house color almost white, don't choose Locker with white color, you must choose brown or little dark.

While I'M in senior high school, The School Lockers color is blue white. Why? because the building paint is white. That will be funny if we use black color. There is a lot of Lockers type, choose the correct model, that will make your house or building look neat.

And one place that need locker is Gym. Gym Lockers must large, that will have the athlete more comfortable. You know if athlete have big body, not like me. Talking about material, locker made from metal, wood and another. Wood Lockers absolutely will make effect more elegant for your building. Don't ask me why. Wood Locker is natural, that will be match if you house 60% made from wood. But this material will not bad if your house not made from wood. If you ask me, what will i choose for the material, i will say absolutely wood.

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