Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keep Healthy with Great exercise From Home

Do you know, as a blogger, I didn’t have time to sport. My time is always in front of computer. One day I waste 6-8 hours in front of computer, to doing my job as blogger. My healthy decrease, my concentration become badly and I can’t do anything perfect. To solve that problem I try to sport, I run in the beach near with my house, but still that not enough. I can do that activity only one week, because my job to much.

I decide to find another solution to solve my problem. I browse a lot of site in internet, I try to find the great way to increase my healthy without going outside. I need exercise, but still can do my lifestyle as a blogger, amazing if I can do that. Finally I find smoothfitness.com, I’m looking around in this site and find a lot of device that can help me.

bali image
(agile DMT)

I interesting with machine that they call Agile DMT, the machine look great, and I think this is my choice. Simple design makes me feel comfortable if I place the machine in my room. Another device that makes me interesting is exercise bikes. They have a lot of exercise bike model, that’s great.

bali image
(exercise bikes)
For my girl friend, I think treadmills device will great for him, because she like running and walking around. Great device, I love it.
bali image

Optimize this technology fitness will help increase my healthy.

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