Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Acobay New Social Network, You Must Try It

Great!!! new social network. Do you know acobay.com? That’s normal if you don’t know this social network, because this site in new. First time visit, I feel not too interesting, but after I join, I feel happy to be a part of this site.

This site have great category to connect us with other people. They have unique category, and I love it. You can connect with other people depending what is your hobby, your car, your pet, and so on. That’s great, absolutely great.

There is a lot of network category. Movie network, in this category, you will find a lot of kind of movie. Of course the movie that’s people like and they sharing in acobay. Pet Network, in this category of course you will find a lot of people. With the cute animal they have. I love dog and that why I put my dog picture.

Auto Network, you know what you will find in this category. Great car, motorcycle, and other kind of auto. The last category that makes me interesting is Book network. And I not need to explain what will you find in this category. You like to read book? This is the correct place to you.

Jangan lupa baca yang ini juga

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