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About Gianyar City | Kota Gianyar

Sebuah artikel yang saya tulis sendiri, artikel untuk mengasah kemampuan berbahasa inggris..

Gianyar is one of regency in Bali Island. This art area not strange anymore among foreign countries. Gianyar city is located in the center of Bali, exactly between Klungkung and Karangasem. Gianyar has a large area with a lot of districts and beautiful villages that are as beatifull as another regencies in Bali. Gianyar regency consists of couple of districts such as Sukawati, Tegalalang, Tampaksiring, Blahbatuh, Batubulan, Payangan etc. And each district has some unique things that make Gianyar regency become one of the tourism area destinations.
People in Gianyar work in different fields. They work in traditional field and modern field. Most people in Gianyar work in farm field, the rest work in tourism sector, public service, and maintain their own business. People in Gianyar always work together or ‘Gotong Royong‘if we translate in Indonesian language, to solve the problems. Gotong royong culture among Gianyar people assist Gianyar to develop becoming as what we can see today.

Every regency must have leader to help and protect his peoples. And the name of Gianyar leader is Cok. Artha Ardana Sukawati as regent and Dewa Made Sutanaya as deputy. In period of his leader, Cok. Artha Ardana Sukawati already makes a change in Gianyar city that is in education field. Free 9 years from pay school. Gianyar Regency already celebrates the birthday. Exactly in 19 April 2008, now Gianyar is 237 years. And for celebrate the birthday, all peoples in Gianyar participate in few contest, such as Tarik Tambang, Panjat Pinang, Penjor etc. Gianyar peoples also wish Gianyar could be the most interesting regency in Bali. Not lose with another regency in Bali, Gianyar also have a quality education center. Graduates from Gianyar already to work in industry in Bali or overseas, because every year the qualities in Gianyar School increase.
Like what we already know, Gianyar have art center that famous in Bali. For example Gallery, Art shop, production house that direct made unique handicraft for export and import. Handicrafts center and other art also you can find in Celuk Sukawati that famous with Gold and silver made. One of the artists that famous in Bali is Cokot, he is statue artist that come from Mas, Ubud. And one of famous painting artist in Bali is Gus Tilem, he also come from Ubud. Gianyar not only famous with craft and art, in Sukawati and Blahbatuh you will find statue artist from nature stone.

In Gianyar you also will find nice tourism place that interesting for foreign and local tourist. Like places that have history and unique. The nice place for example is art market Guwang and Sukawati that’s never empty from foreign and local visitors. Other destination place for tourism is Goa Gajah that located in Bedulu. 20 km north from Goa Gajah you will find other tourism place. The name of this tourism place is Tirta Empul, which located in Tampaksiring and near from president palace Tampaksiring.
Balinese trust Tirta Empul is place to make your body pure. In Gianyar you will also find Taman Ciung Wenara that is place for relaxing. Taman Ciung Wenara is located in center of Gianyar, in this place you will see Krisna & Arjuna, Wisnu, and Dewi statue.
There is still a lot of tourism place in Gianyar. In Gianyar you will also find Bali Zoo Park and Bali Bird Park that located in Singapadu. There you will see a lot of kind bird and animals. And the new zoo park in Gianyar is Marine Park that located in Lebih village and near with Lebih beach. The located of Marine Park is very strategic. Lebih beach very famous with beautifully wave and food. The famous food in lebih is sate languan and fried fish, the food is very delicious.
That the information about Gianyar city, the city of art. And I hope Gianyar regency and other regency can make a lot of devise for Indonesia. And make the economy developed.

Gianyar adalah tempat kelahiran saya..
:) i love Gianyar..

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