Friday, October 31, 2008

Correct Place To Learn SolidWorks

When I blogwalking, accidentally found this website, the website has a cool display. After browsing this site a few hours I feel attracted to the service SolidWorks tutorial. It took longer find a tutorial on SolidWorks, finally I find the correct place to learn. here, the Course Catalog that u will find in this website: SolidWorks Training in 2008, Mastercam X Training, and SolidWorks Training EE 08/09.

I like the way they provide courses, through the media DVD. With DVD, we can learn And practicing the tutorial that provided in the DVD. Save time and easily. We learn without leaving the place where we sit comfortably. This website is really the right choice for SolidWorks Training. So what are you waiting for? Come on together we Learning SolidWorks.

Other media that the use is to provide courses through the Internet. All course materials will be in store in our pc. I will choose the DVD for the course, because the internet connection in my area less good. he3 ...

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  1. wah apaan ni bahasa inggris,he3...gak ngerti. Tapi salut dah


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